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Parent Partnership



"We believe in working in partnership with parents. It is crucial to a child’s learning and development that you feel involved in your child’s day-to-day experiences when in our care. With this in mind, we will share information with you on a daily basis."



Communication with Parents

Strong communication and sharing information with parents is really important to us.

The key methods that we use to sustain communication with you include:

  • Your child’s Online Learning Journey
  • Your child’s Key Person
  • Newsletters, sent to keep you informed of nursery events, parents’ evenings and social events
  • Parents’ evenings


Online Learning Journey

We use an Online Learning Journey system at the nursery. This allows you access to observations and to see what children have been learning during their week with us. When you first join the nursery your child’s Key Person will ask you for “starting points” in your child’s learning. This is in order for us to understand what your child already knows and what they already enjoy doing and playing with. We use this information to start their learning journey at our nursery building on what they’ve achieved already.

At the end of your child’s time at nursery, we download their whole Online Learning Journey for you to take away to share and remember their time with us.


Planning System

Our planning system very much includes our families. We plan monthly for each child using their current development and their interests as a starting point in order to support and continue their learning. We will also suggest activities that you could do at home too.

We then use this information to plan weekly and even daily to support children’s developing interests alongside their learning so that we can be really responsive as this grows.


The Key Person Approach

When your child first joins our nursery, they will be allocated a Key Person who will be responsible for ensuring your child feels safe, cared for and comfortable whilst they are away from home. Both you and your child will meet their Key Person during your Settling in Sessions.

Any information we share with you will be predominantly through the Key Person. They will communicate with you at the end of each day to make sure that you don’t have to miss out on your child’s experiences at nursery.


Our Team

We are dedicated to providing exceptional care and delivering outstanding outcomes for your child. We employ team members who are passionate and enthusiastic about working with children and we fully support them in their role.

The majority of our team have a Level 3 diploma qualification for the Early Years Workforce, and some of our colleagues are qualified at Level 4 or Level 5 and above. We also support all team members in their career progression by offering ongoing training and professional development opportunities and offer continuing professional development over the year for all of our team.

All of our team members receive training in child protection, first aid, food hygiene, behaviour management and risk assessment. We also deliver specialist training in-house on our policies and procedures and aspects of children’s learning and development.

These important qualifications are renewed on an ongoing basis so, rest assured that your child is in safe hands in our care.