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Our Ethos



Our Ethos



Littlebrook follows the philosophy that children learn through play and having fun. Play is at the heart of our activity planning and each room environment set up. We encourage children to learn through action; this may be through exploring new sensations, discovering new activities, making independent choices or playing with new friends. We like to change activities each day to keep play fun and stimulating so that children can enjoy learning and exploring in their own time.


As children progress through to Pre-School age, we introduce them to phonics, writing, numeracy and technology. Our topics are all covered by the Foundation Stage to allow your child to learn in a fun way and to progress at their own pace.


At Littlebrook Nursery we see ourselves as a community. We welcome parental involvement and our door is always open. We pride ourselves on creating a home from home environment and see parents as integral to their child’s development. We listen carefully to parents when they tell us about their child’s personality, likes and dislikes. It is this close partnership that enables us to understand a child’s individual needs. The child’s key person will work with parents to make sure their child is happy, relaxed and making progress.


As a community, we celebrate important events, festivals and special occasions. We know how important it is to look after one another, and we extend this support to local Food Banks and charity fundraising.


Keeping children fit and healthy is an essential part of the care provided within all our nurseries. In addition to our outdoor fitness, we provide children with food that has a 5 * rating from the EHO. Our healthy home cooked meals and snacks are prepared on the premises. We see Nursery as the ideal opportunity to help children eat well and build up healthy habits for life. We provide healthy and nutritious food and drink and make sure that mealtimes are relaxed and sociable occasions. We believe it is important for children to understand where their food comes from, so we encourage them to get involved in our nursery garden. We grow fruit and vegetables so the children can be a part of providing the food that we then integrate into our menu. The children enjoy being part of the process of getting involved in gardening to harvesting the food, so that they can then share and enjoy what they have grown together.


At Littlebrook, we have a range of activities both indoors and outdoors for your child to discover and explore. We create and plan a range of age appropriate activities so that your child can freely choose and move between areas with the helpful support and direction from our friendly staff.  As a team we constantly self-evaluate activities provided for the children for the ongoing improvement of the nursery experience we offer.