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Nursery Show-Arounds



Nursery Show-Arounds



In normal circumstances, we would allow visits during the day. This would be either during a morning or an afternoon slot. This would give the you a clear view of the daily nursery life, the space, and a chance to meet the staff. Until this is allowed again, please read through our current guidance with regards to showing you our nurseries in a safe way so that you can see us in action.


Due to the current situation with COVID-19, we are restricting and limiting the number of individuals entering the building to prevent transmission.  We currently have in place out of hours visits for you to come in and take a look around.


These viewings will take place after operational hours (Mon-Fri at 6.15pm or 7pm) where there will only be minimal staff present and no children remaining. We encourage parents to bring their child with them so they can gauge their response to the nursery.


When you bring your child along with you, you will notice their reaction to the new environment. We encourage children of walking age to explore the nursery so they can show you their response to the toys and games we have on offer. Babies will also demonstrate their reactions to the lights, textures and overall feel for the place. It is so important for both the parents and child to feel comfortable in their surroundings, so we encourage you to take your time and enjoy exploring the nursery together in a relaxed atmosphere.


If you are unable to visit, we will happily arrange a phone call at a suitable time to go through all of your questions at your own pace.


We do please ask those visiting the nursery to follow our precautionary measures as set out below:


- On entering, you will have your temperature taken using our In-fared thermometer

- You will be required to wear a face covering (provided by the nursery)

- You will be required to scan into our Track and Trace QR Code via the NHS app

- Use will be asked to use the hand sanitiser provided

- Either remove your footwear or wear an overshoe covering (provided by the nursery)

- Maintain social distancing in accordance with the guidelines.